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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A Complex Simple Matter

Subject to an opinion an eye sees 
Subject to the fact that hose pipes lay empty 
And the grass turns brown in protest-station   

Subject to there being a lack of 
Gosh!! aqua pulled a Houdini on grass  
Subject, subject, to the scenario laid 

A conundrum besiege thee 
Wise men gathered "taken" to court 
Called upon to manifest meaning 

As the tap laid open with frustration   
At the end no flow of riches 
Co-meth hose pipe empty to spray 

So what gives; are we to sacrifice again 
To serve the gods, "the gods" 
How many more times, to serve the gods 

Some meat from farms 
Are meant for feed of feast 
At the king's court, so what gives 

So what gives, between farm lands 
And the fountain of river flow 
Why is the hose pipe empty 

On observation the child of young 
Spots a cut in the hose pipe before grass lands 
But the wise of old would not lend ears to hear  

The wise of old, in the king's court, privileged and "cling" 
As such they were all sacrificed to serve the gods
Some meat from farms are meant for feast 

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  1. typical they won;t listen and especially not to a child this tells quite the story bravo

  2. Very deep...not sure I understood, but I know I liked the flow of it...nice work


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