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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Hope & Keys

Hope stands as dangling  

Keys; the doors shut with locks closed 

Twists turns, unlock, open    


  1. With the keys of hope, any door of doubt that stands in our way can be unlocked to belief... Cheers.

    Thank you.. :) This is a beautiful piece and has retained the beauty and message of the original.

  2. Awesome way to unlock!, twist and turn,. nicce :)

  3. oh this is like answers to many pessimist thoughts wow amazingly simple haiku yet has a sea deep meaning :) lovely!

  4. love the message of hope - nothing in life is truly hidden from us if we do the work to open the 'locks'..well-done

  5. ...key...twists turns ~ great metaphor for life ~ wonderful haiku ~ thanks, ^_^

  6. Nice to allow dreams and hopes out to the world! Good write.

  7. Hope is the key! Loved it! :)


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