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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Labyrinth; Life's codes

Codes, numbers and mathematical equations 
Symbols, rational and irrational, even and odds 

Clockwise and anti-clockwise, short cuts  
Round a merry go round, round in circles 

Jumping, hanging, singing rhymes 
Crossroads, alley ways and roads stretched straight 

Junctions, traffic, collusion, and near misses 
Close call, escape, void, options, commit  

Foresight, visions, blind, light, darkness 
Occupation, doubt, brave, confidence, fluke  

Losers, winners, avenues of entry 
Choices we make, through the labyrinth paths 

One rule; press your thumb imprint at birth 
To start the game of life; go!
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  1. Wow, neat take on the labyrinth! And definitely go in the game of life! Write on!

  2. Fantastic look at the components of life itself.
    A great journey...


  3. Cool take on the prompt, kiddo! Nice to see you in the Think Tank!

  4. Great write!! Especially the close!

  5. I enjoyed the twists and turns of this written labyrinth!

  6. This was very cool...loved the thumb print! Fun to read; I really enjoyed your take on the prompt! :D

  7. thanks for sharing.


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