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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A Forrest Gump

I am at a pivot of equilibrium constantly
Rotating through the spins of gravity

On my balancing act, serving as a coil
In the mechanism of my throttle against  "hamper"

And this way, and that way; onward advancing
I am but "pulverizing" through sides wobbly with stride

Constantly establishing a’ reassigning against "taunts" battle
My notion and belief in the chalices of fate

A paradox exercise of undertaking
Brave like a lion and without

While breath bequest me a life to live
I will always be rotating through this spin

To a destination fostered laid to attain
Forrest Gump be my guide


  1. yes Forest Gump is good and kind and would be a good guide.

  2. I'm just not getting a lot of these this week. Sadly, this doesn't bring anything but a confused jumble of words to my mind, so I can't even get a clear image. I'm sure it's well written... but maybe this kind of poetry simply isn't for my kind of mind *smile*

  3. 'chalices of fate' - very profound!


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