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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Burnt Hands

Would I be burnt, 
For sticking my hands out..
Not for gain, but as a favour ..
In sacrifices, made  for another ..

No gains to be had, but for gratitude.. .
Of "thank you" in appreciation..
At the aftermath as regard 
That's all, thank you..

And to live with the after burn ..
Long after the deeds has been done..
What price paid in payment protection plans..
Made void in small print traps..

And now in recollection..
Heard louder the voice that whispered..
In opposing sounds, to do or not to do ..
In silent questions, just before jump..

Would I be burnt for sticking my hands out...
Not for a gain, but as a favour to favour friends..
Left with weights heavier, than thou..
As recourse for getting involved is paid

In what inclined I, to favour friends ..
Before start of burning hand's drama ..
Would I be favoured, paid ransom a fool..
By another in helping hands..burnt hands

1 comment:

  1. 當一個人內心能容納兩樣相互衝突的東西,這個人便開始變得有價值了。............................................................


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