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Friday, 23 July 2010

She Is Royal

Her beauty, is of tulips..
Rain drops on tulips..
Lips with a diamond shimmer..
A twinkle of sparkling star, bright..
When she smiles..

From harmonic voice she speaks..
Oh, and when she does..
God! what sweetness in sounds delight..
Felt adored, blessed to hear, in melody..

For every man's dream..
Of sensuous simplicity..
A caring kind..
A night nurse..
And my battle-wounds..
Are wrapped in cotton wool..

From travels on distance lands..
She carried on a quest..
To arrive with a sent of incense..
In aromas of sweet delight, horizon..

Did I say she is Royal..
Well then I meant she is Royal..
Then, she did me a culinary delight..
My wet appetite, bon appetite..
She looked  up at me, and said good appetite..

Bless, did I say she is Royal..
Well then I meant, she is a Royal Queen..
To have dug  the earth, wiv bear hands..
On royal knees, in silk, became muddy silk.. 

To watch a tulip blossom ..
To find the keys, in allure, to my heart's den..
For, that is why, she is Royal..
When I say to men, she is Royal..

1 comment:

  1. Ooh, I really like this!! It could be either a hard working woman who's beauty if beyond compare, royal or not her kindness, gentleness and love set her apart from others and make her as a royal flower in a king's garden...or a beautiful flower who's seed has visited many a land and finally has come to light upon it's permanent home; digging it's way into the ground and planting it roots and growing more beautiful than all the other flowers.
    Made me sigh a bit as I read it. It was lovely. Be blessed.



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