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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Made to Measure

Made to measure..
Don't look at night or choose at night..
In a haste, from behind, in a rush..

Don't jump the gun,..
Before bullets; inserted in triggers..
And in apprehension ..

Nah, keep your cool..
And from ten, count down;..
Wait it out, stop trigger point shot..
Stand without shivers and in brave heart..

Made to measure, in tailor shops..
Past Primark spots, stops ..
Before price tags, made public..
And sales seasons starts..
Nah, not for that rush, dash..

Seen on you, and for you..
And no other, but on you..
Made to be, in exclusivity..
One of a kind, and in good standing..

Thus made to measure...
In life stories, on with boots worn..
Fit for purpose, and in line with..
Just made to measure ..

And thus for the royals..
Fit for the royals, emperors, Kings..
Hence fit for me, made for me..
Made to measure, tailor made perfect ..
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