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Sunday, 25 July 2010

I Wish

I wish..
I wish, I could draw, in sketches, abstract ..
To have my feelings, expressed on canvas..
So my emotions and thoughts..
Would be seen by all, who could see..

I wish..
I could sing, songs in joyful melody..
To have had, my emotions and thoughts..
Heard across the land..
By all, who could hear a ballad..

I wish..
I could dance, a foxtrot, tango, a salsa..
To have expressed, in quick feet, 1,2 steps..
My emotions and thoughts..
Through the vibration, of the floor..

I wish..
I could walk, in matches, jogging, running..
To have walked, a thousand miles..
As an act of expressing..
My thoughts and emotions...

For now though..
When I am touched,.. 
I write, in vivid imagination.. 
To have my thoughts and emotions..
Read by all, all with a zeal for life.. 

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