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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Words and Meaning

Every word has a meaning, double..
Longer than the word, itself in meaning..
Put in context, what it is, in understanding..
Sounds in meaning, double takes on intent..

Apart from what words in words used..
In context, some are spelt the same..
In letters, word for word,  word of word
Oh my word, but not in meaning..

Twins are those similar, to have been used..
In meaning, instead, in place, replace..
In place, set, positioned to be in 
All the same in meaning..

But for the context, it did be different..
It could be varied, in polish Polish..
Careful now, it could be very different..
And cause offense to the none offensive..

Every word has a meaning..
Longer than, what words in use in meaning..
Sign language in part, for dramatisation..
Used in reference, for understanding..

I like sign language, you know, a lot I do..
In support, in affirmation, in conjunction with..
In line, attached, to do with..
All in meaning, to make clear in context..

Is it just for English, to be so confusing..
Yet only with 26 alphabets in standing..
And some more, metaphors to be added..

I know not, Arabic, 
Japanese or Chinese..
But for their writing..
I find so interesting and intriguing..

And with Japanese, in spoken words..
With what emphasis it places...
On action, on words., pronunciation..
Dramatization that follows..

I hope for hope sake, wishful thinking..
They are not as confusing..
As with English, in words and meaning..
What did you just say, explain yourself, explain yourself 


  1. Double meanings can be confusing. So can poetry.

  2. Yes, in English, many words have double meanings or more ... not always the concise manner to communicate with another whose first language is not English. Nicely done.

    Here is my double!

  3. The English language is supposed to be the hardest language to learn, mostly because it has no rhyme or reason compared to other languages. I also think it is because we are constantly changing the meanings of words, adding new words and different areas pronouncing words differently.

    This was a great poem to describe all the strange things in the English language and to show that there is beauty in many different languages.

    Thanks for playing in this weeks Theme Thursday. Happy TT.

    God bless.


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