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Monday, 26 July 2010

Caged Bird

Plugged in, into the wilderness ..
Of unforgiving lock down..
Pain of a mother’s womb, ..
With birth cry..

Did she free a soul from..
Her umbilical cord ..
Only to be served on a plate of..
Acid ambitions..

Wings clipped, to be left standing,..
In birds cage, depreciating minds,..
Muscles in nightmares unending, ..

Envy of the battery hen,..
For when she gave her life..
It was, to feed the masses..
Of queues, queued up at K F C ..

Plugged in, ..
 In veins connected to the machinery..
Of criminality..
A perpetual cycle of circles..

Judged and governed , ...
By the muddy fields, souls of greed..
Drinking from the same cup as I, of obscenity.. 
With Agents of their own..

Mine was to serve as a bird in a cage..
Fed to the underworld's, ..
Under belly of criminality..
With a locked look, of enchantment's hook..

And with my blood dripping of their gobs..
I was seduced,..
Caged, chained and sold ..
To the demons greed..

This poem was written, with the prison systems in the world in mind
and how, so many minds are wasted away, locked in cages
In America over 7.3 million people are in some form 
of incarceration, US Bureau of Justice  Statistics 2008


  1. That brings a glaring spotlight on what is a horrendous tragedy, made more horrific by your quoted statistics on incarceration.


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