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Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Greatest "Free verse"

I am the greatest, coz when I speak..
I spat out greatness, dateless, timeless..
Rated R, on scales, skills of infinite rhymness..
Still with flight paths in signs showing..

Believe me, like scriptures, lectures
Deck chairs sat, my default setting..
Sets me, on top of the average Mr Jo's peakness ..
God bless, nothing less, I am the best..
And that is just, in free rhyme, free style..
Free man, like play child, child play, spot the difference ..

Pi-lo-low pi-lo-low, is hide and seek..
Touch and burn, blink and you out..
Paper scissors rock, rock rock star; ..
You still have to choose one..
Show of hands; ..
You still have to pick one..

My instinct, is instant, like sneeze ..
In flows, prolifics, flotations ..
My pen wields knifes, like Spartans..
I leave none in doubt of my standing..

I am so good,..
I make good better best rhymes..
Sounds like, something like a dull rhyme..
From dullness and restless..
And may you never rest mate ..
Until you make a dent mate..

Is the harshness of life, in life realities..
Leaving you deluded, dazed, in delusion..
You breathless, spouting, gasping rest here..
This was built for a special case ..
And you my friend, you deemed, a special case ..

Do you still doubt my word play ..
I am from the 12 chambers of shaolin ..
I just shaved my hair off, off my head, off ma shoulders..
We dodge shooters, like dodge balls
And I am ready to climb trees, make hay..
 I know karate whooo haaaaaaaa..
Check mate, buddha Bless, Bless ..

“No harm was caused to any man or animal..
In writing this lines”..Just for jokes"..

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