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Friday, 2 July 2010

Her Fire Wall

Shy and coy, in turtle shells..
She had her head down..
And moved in decoy..

Ghost among men..
Few did see her, before by sight..
And none remembered her face..

In recall, her name was vague..
Quietly in whisper..
She got on, undetected..

Under the radar, she went unnoticed..
And for her suit, the lime light..
Was never her crave..

Autumn's leaves shedding ..
Was never enough to expose her..
Of her camouflager content..

That's just how she liked it..
She was at ease, in blending in..
Attention was foreign to her needs

And if by choice, default, or so inclined..
On a quest, to unveil her mystery smile..
With one's familiarity in desire..

Be prepared for her firewall..
Many h' tried, it has been known
She has stood the test of time..

Still in there lies a soft spot
Waiting to be discovered 
Like pearls on voyage end..

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