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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Subject Matter "Free Verse"

Give me a subject,  matter..
To make hay of, on basis of enlightenment..
So, to what is matter in comprehension requirement ..

In matters discussed, in cases made of..
To be diagnosed in evaluations, analysed in definition ..
To bring to light, in spot lights understanding..

Scientifically, in white overalls..
Worn by men in glasses, happily named brianiacs..
To work out in labs, on brain bashing, orgy..
What is matter, subject in matter, in context..

"What is the matter with you boi! "..
As the old lady, so gallantly, ..
In such compulsion, she miss not her words..
Says, to bring to attention the none-attentive... 
Like Sgt Major's drill, on stands " Yes Sir!"..

Get it?..
Give me a subject matter..
To make hay of..
In mass of depths, weights...
To weigh in standing, understanding, not in kilos ..
"Get it; don't be confused, I love this"...

Reasoning to convince you of..
Winning you over the “matter” in question..
Give me a subject matter..
And I will add mass of you..
To weights of thinkers alike, like you..

In what conundrums questions.."matter"
What has been the subject matter..
To have brought to light, in thinking..

Still confused, not to worry ...
So was I, after reading ..
That which I wrote myself, in writing..
Weird that is, but all in good faith..
I am just a word smith. Have a nice day peeps..

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