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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Winds on Candles

In creation, Aeolus lent a hand..
To forming corner stones of the elements..
Gaia and Poseidon together..
On spinning wheels made mould..
And Apollo shined a light..
To strengthen back bones..

This was before revelations genesis..
Deserts was known to creation..
Left grains on bare foot..

And from the east to the west..
The south to the north..
Pact once signed by gods..
Laid bare in forgotten lands..

In symbolic signs..
Lights laid sat on candle stands, nude..
Battling the very elements of creation..
Who laid siege and in choking breaths..

But for the fifth elements..
To have refused to die..
To fail, to surrender..
And strive, succeed, arise..
And lay claim to ownership of life..
Made Zeus from the very first breath..

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