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Saturday, 10 July 2010

St. Andrews Park

In front of Effingham road...
In between Leopold, Melita..
Somerville and Maurice road..
The park lies..

Around round the park..
Hedges for fences for boarders..
In contours of waves in topography..
With angles of locations for favourite spots..

Trees for shades, the sun too hot..
That swing, the pool..
And bench, for play spots..
The dogs, barks, runs and fetch..

Butterflies, on pollen duty..
Bees, busy with nectar’s harvest..
Ben and Jerry’s; ..
On drops, in drips, in mouths..

For the happily young and bright..
Coffee spots for parents rest..
Lust, love, insight and lost..

Summer breaks, from academia climb...
Youthful bliss, and memories made..
Happy, funny, sunny joys..
On the park summer is enjoyed..
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