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Friday, 9 July 2010

Big Fat Lie

A big fat lie; porkies..
Straight, right through the teeth..
Thieving the truth, in blinded robbed..

With a little pinky, winky, winky pinky..
Smiles, set, sat, on faces..
In sweet illusion, coursed by delusions..
Brought to bare in murky pollution..

Poof,  like bang, in magician's tricks..
And a slide of hands, abracadabra..
Now you see me, now you don't..
In a treat of  trick's passion..
Of oasis, seen in sight by desperation..

Some just create profusion..
To alleviate realities frustration..
Some just tell tales, porkies..
In liking wanting, to be liked..

Then you've got the prolifics, habituals..
Doing it, for the false perceptions
Like 14 virgins for havoc..
All in imagined positions.. 
You is a  Big fat liar..


  1. said true and accurate of the liars ,,

  2. So much truth in this. No pun intended!

  3. I love how you play with language and sound.

    Great poem, I look forward to more.


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