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Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Ways of our world...
Ways of our deeds..
Ways of our thinking..
In thoughts, to find reasons for "alibi" ..
The unjustifiable, justified and to say, let it be..
This is, what we are used to, let it be..
To fight off change, "concept"..
And lay claim to tradition, customs..
To say, it is a taboo, curse..
Please do not wake, the gods..
Deprive the eyes of sight, " horizon"..
And say this is our ways, set with..
And that of our forefathers, legacy..
To say a coin has two sides, "head or tails"..
And it will always be so, set in stone..
To fear the curse of the gods, scaremonger..
And blame them for every reason, yet to think of..
To say to another, I will stand with you, "thick n thin"..
To say to another, You asking too much, way too much..
To say to another, If only, if only..
If only to see with imagination, "vision" ..
And talk of action, if only..
If only such phrases were not in existence..
If only, for no excuse could, be found, be given, If only..
Indeed, I would have, could have, If only "circumstances"..
And be relieved off conscience,..
On if only, in last cards played, phhhhhw..
Ways of our world, and of are doing "disengaged"..
Ways of our thinking, in silent, locked in..
If only..gee without a doubt, if only, "alibi"...

For those who dare, take all the end words or phrase,
not highlighted, that gives you the second poetry..
To be interpreted in one's own thinking..
Let me know what you come up with.

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