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Monday, 19 July 2010

Status Quo

Do we set, in place measures..
To celebrate, on occasions..
To set our minds, to rest ..
On memoir’s memories of the unfortunate..
Deeds, that besiege us in utopia..
Sending shock waves, through the status quo ..

At times journeyed past..
Back into memory lane..
Unto the agony of being witness to..
The shivering of earth..

I saw the earth sneeze..
And men broke, like tooth picks..
In two, in Haiti..

I saw Haiti crumble, like bread crumbs..
North Sumatra followed..
Baja California, Mexico, laid suit..
And as in roll call, many others fell in line..

Mother earth had a shiver..
Once again we added, to the equation..
BP was not to be left out..
In 182.5 days, of the first half..
Dreams were laid bare ..

But on occasion set aside..
As the world gathered, and roared with joy..
Louder than, the Earthquake and Thunder..
Made silent, evoking the status quo in equilibrium..

On lands of the Vuvuzelas..
The Spanish went home, with the glory..
In poetic justices, of what drama ..
They have seen happen in tightening belts..

The economics fears, in austerity, ..
Will have to sit out, 
For this here celebration ..
Of life stories..
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