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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Who done it

Chalices used,...
Sent, spreading around, words in circles
Like chariot races, in grapevine..

T' voices in stands, worships in carnage 
Do not differentiate t' poor from t' rich
Thumbs down, is always with a jeer..
From t'  masses, "Finish him!"..

And heroes are made of..
T'  man who took another's..
Gifted breath, gladiators...
Kill, kill, kill..

Still if to have,..
I rather, a sword fight,...
Face to face, with cuts,..
On butchered,  flesh, deep cuts..

Rather to have seen
 T ' man who done it,
Be mine, t' last he saw 
before, I laid down..
To rest, on butchered tables...

Than covered face, with mystery..
Of metal musk, who done it..
I am owed, that much..
I have to be, owed that much..

But symbolic, to that effect..
Caesar's greatest story, starts..
With “Who killed Caesar?”..
Buried from behind, who done it..

To bury a man, faced down..
Has never been acceptable..
But the snitch, is always squeamish..
Not for blood, but for the eye..

So he chooses, to look down..
I have to be owed, that much..
To know, who done it..
Seriously, who done it..

Why be, the informer, the one..
Protected, after being paid,..
The 30 silver coins, he itched for..
I am owed that much, to know..
Who done it..


  1. Great poem... you should enter it into poetry contest at:


  2. aggressively put.. who done it!. (a classic piece)


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