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Friday, 30 July 2010

I did so too

To have a wish, I have none..
And my coin got thrown back..
To me, from wishing well..

To day dream, I did none..
And walked in days as day..
And not dazed in thoughts of the imaginary..

I felt the sun ray shine, bare on my skin..
Felt with sensation, it's vitamins it gave me..
Like blessing, slowly seeping in with ease..

I sat on benches, to have sat on benches..
With absolution, not fear, why fear..
And hold a hand, I know so well..

To look into the eyes..
I know as mine, and see no doubt..
But affirmation, to know as love..

Oh, to have wished, a wishing well, I did none..
To have day dreamed, on dreams, I did none..
Because to know love, real love, I did so too..

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