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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Stages Reached

Another scenario, stage set..
Script written, dream set  ..
Window dressing, role play ..
Yeeha, yeeha to gollop on saddles 

And for the cow boy, John Wayne..
Heading south, another stop on the way..
With an open fire, burning steak..
Underneath the heavens glow ..

And then greetings and pleasantries ..
Handshakes of new acquaintances..
Laughters and jokes in exchange..
Of stories told in banters of barter trade..

For this night we are brothers..
Warmth  enlist us to gathered around fire 
Looking out over each others shoulders..
To be my guardian and I yours in the open fields 

When the morning comes..
Back into travellers paths we set out again ..
Time acquittance and strangers diner ..
We became friends, on a strangers spot..

In the morning I will ride south and you north ..
And if we are to meet again,
Some where between lines ..
Many an adventure in stories to tell..

To share again under the open fire
From the last time, we met ..
Farewell on travellers path  
Old cow boy, to being John Wayne  ..
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  1. This had a great sense of adventure and the 'brotherhood' found in such harsh places..Jae

  2. Nice one- the journey beckons , the comradeship is evident and I loved this poem.

  3. I like how you start of by acknowledging the theatrical components of the John Wayne image.

  4. hopeful journey,
    well done.

    Thanks for linking.

  5. cowboys and props, what a fun life they pretended.

  6. I agree with jaerose about the sense of brotherhood and adventure, wonderful poem


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