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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Characterise Me

The real battle..
Is between you..
By yourself..
Against the world..
By yourself..

Its a tale of two stories;..
The Good the Bad..
The Beautiful and the Ugly..
In stories told as self reflection

The saga are one of the same......
It all, just depends on what day it is..
And what the situation calls for....
Go figure..

If the good die young..
Would it be selfish of me..
To change my stand..
So I live long; just a little longer....

There are No Angels on Earth.....
And we are born humans of homo sapiens
In flesh, bones, blood, and thoughts
With character flaws of  human weakness..
( Desire, needs, Jealousy, Greed.etc)...

Prone to act in ways of..
Our desired indulgence...
We are naturally with defects...
Only trying to be good on moral ...

And in battles..
I see me, by myself ..
Against the world by myself..
Fighting me, by myself..

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