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Thursday, 29 July 2010

What became of Prisoner 46664

A sting left of horror, sorrows..
On a legacy in fine form to be left behind ..
By an honored man who saw it all..
To bear witness in life's drama..

To the roller-coaster of the theater, of life's stories..
That enveloped around him, in his gifted time on earth..
Few if any, know what lies ahead..
In the caricatures of drama, that awaits us..

The soothsayer and the oracle,.. 
Along with Nostradamus..
Have been relegated, in this regard..
Even the weatherman, knows to be cautious..

With what he says to the educated majority..
And so from genesis, his story began..
Born into royal, and then insulted by virtue..
Of birthright, like a suntan, sunburn on skins..

For the left, can not inherit the throne...
Like the second son of a King..
A spare tire made surplus to requirements..
In locomotive wheels,..

That never touches the ground..
Still the gift of stride, strive, is destiny..
And destiny says to strive;..
I am an empty canvas,..

Make of me what you please..
Dreams and ambitions are one thing..
One has to, still walk the narrow lane..
To come out the other side, a Made Man...

Sitting on thrones beyond one's imagination..
Made King of all men, in kingdoms fought for..
But drama is like a cyber game..
Stages levels reached, with challenges set..

Through drama he had, three companions..
And a fourth, for a course..
For which he spent decades..
Behind closed doors..

His life, has been a legacy lived...
But, before his death, he was devoured by his own..
To have watched his name and legacy, hard earned..
Fought for, all for the wrong reasons, for gain in wealth..

Thus why the fortune teller has been..
Relegated to south of the river's bank..
And he knows not, whether to leave..
A happy man, for what castles he built..

And apartheid dragons he slayed ..
Or a sad man, to have lived to see..
The carnage, his own brought to his door step..
Fighting over corpses on burial grounds 

In unions and gatekeepers, 
Battles for middle earth ..
While the destitute; symbols of a legacy,..
Goes starved,  and unattended in the dark.. 

For material gain..
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  1. Powerful and relevant. The last two stanzas impacted - evoking questions about the legacy of saints and if they really can change the mindsets of man on the take / man who wants more without giving a thing back.


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