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Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Storm

After the dust craze settles 
Forward, on passage, we all move  
Behind the storm in circles  

And in circles we await the next encounter   
Between then and now, and now's encounters 
We stand on reflection with thinkers cup  

Tasked to prepare for the next encounter  
It is our key performance indicators  
And we are told to know in fact  

That impact will suffocate and drawn 
The man who did nothing,  
After first encounter 

He relayed on the tree 
For protection in the first storms encounters 
And hopes to do the same again 

To have just quenched the fire at the edge 
But did nothing from the source  
The spark, the reasons triggered ignored 

And built no bunker to protect his own  
That man will suffocate 
In the mist of the storm 
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  1. Tragic and true--life's storms require amply preparation.


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