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Friday, 19 August 2011

The Monetary Value

My monetary value  
A lot of pundits ask , to know 
What I make from writing, what I am worth 
Pen to paper on signing cheques    

Like show us your value 
It has been calendars past  
Since I started writing
And putting to post, as readers digest 

Value on earth is measured  monetary  
On the scale of what acquisition gained 
To be priced, putting pen to paper 
Where is the money men

How much are you getting  
From this that you write, in scribbles 
To be on first name basis 
With the Banker Manager 

"The money issue"
Hmmm truthfully I made a fiver 
Sent to me by Google adserve 
Show me the money men  

So I am a fiver on value gained 
If money was to be my objective in goal
I made a fiver, hurray hooray,
First name basis  with the money men 

I got sent the cheque in the post 
Looked at it and dropped it somewhere 
Amnesia of it essence  
Artistic integrity to find  to define meaning 

But then a strangers knocked on my door 
When I came out they were gone   
They left a note, 
A comment, in my letter box 

A comment on the house of words I built  on notion
And I stood there over joyed, filled with emotion 
Knowing I have touched a soul , two and some

There is no buck in writing  
Not for all but a handful, in first name basis  
If money is to define reasons, not mine  

But there is value, the greatest of its kind 
When a stranger relates, to announce one's essence  
I am still not sure where my fiver went 
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1 comment:

  1. I feel the same. No money to be made by (my) writing; but I write for the love of it and am glad when what I write touches someone in some small way!


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