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Friday, 12 August 2011

Celebrating Love

Love is like a river, with seasons 
Honoured by the calenders post  
Flowers, wine, chocolate  
 And for joy to be this day  

Another day added to celebrate life  
W' is love to discern in meaning 
To the solitary man in cottage far 
Who lived void from welcoming hands  

It is the treasure of knowing  
Feeling, caring, gentle teases in-between  
Pillow talks, and cuddling 
I profess to know so well 

The energy that forms 
When we come together
Lighting strike to sparkle 
The affinity of zeal  

I am blessed to have you 
I know that, you are with joy  
By my side to complete me, as I do you   
As I do you and the honour I hold  

It is with joy bestowed 
To complete you  
The privilege 
I am accustomed 

To hold your hands 
And be honoured 
By the calenders post 
In celebrating love 

Oh s**** I forgot the flowers :)
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  1. really romantic and beautiful ....if you check mine out have a pic of Bristol on a poem called urbans united which you may like

  2. Very nice. I enjoyed reading this one.

    I've posted a second poem for this week: http://charleslmashburn.wordpress.com/2011/08/18/i-am-loved/

  3. truly romantic this has the feel of an Ode the love you write for is very lucky!

  4. love the idea of love like a river, smiles.



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