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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Chinese Ageing

The Chinese say, no lie
We are a year plus one on our birthdays 
Nine months before birth, alive and kicking  

The young would love that, adapt that  
Desperate to be legal in shops, and outings 
Desperate to be legal, to show on proof of IDs   

Yearning to have their independence 
While still living under the roof of parental nest  
Yep, the young would love that 

A year plus one, the Chinese say 
Nine months before birth, the Chinese say 
Yet still influenced by the external environment  

Adulthood would hate that 
To an extent, to the point at that age 
Where age is no longer mentioned 

Don't you know it is rude to ask  
This is way past teen years  glide 
You should know better, than to ask 

Such questions of age, such rudeness of insult  
Appearances should tell, wise eyes should see  
Though subtle, still visible, appearances should tell 

Birthday cakes with no numbered age shown 
Random numbers of candles,  it holds 
If you are that inclined  to blow a wish on sentiments  

A year plus one the Chinese say 
Nine months, before birth
A case is made here, the Chinese say 

Yea adulthood would hate that  
And the young would love that 
I guess that is why, we choose to disregard 
A year plus one, to the Chinese reason  
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  1. very interesting I didn't know that. great poem and so true.

  2. That's a neat perspective.

  3. Interesting, for sure, and my daughter would have LOVED to buy a beer nine months before her 21st birthday, ha ha. I don't put candles on my birthday cake; the smoke alarm always goes off!

    Nicely done, Kodjo. Peace, Amy


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