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Monday, 22 August 2011

The Boss's Boss

Summer nears the end of seasons 
Like car journeys, road trip 
So many drama and excitement  
To have witnessed,  being a part of 

So many happy memories, on drive by  
To archive in memory banks, stored  
Against the week long starts

Like clock works  
Stroking away 

With alarm sounds, dress code  
Pay code, stage set reverse  
In characters played 

Say hello to the boss, 
In bosses for me, in greeting   
Seen in my rear view mirror 
Tell him to let you off by 5 
On time by 5 
On the dot by 5 

While the sun, 
Still smiles 
With a happy face

For a quick run 
On the parks of play parks
Before the sun goes down 

For the night's rest 
And cars are back 
Sat on drive ways 

Parked to rest the night 
The night, to rest the night 
To rest the night away  
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  1. smiles. would be nice to be off in time for theplay parks...about to leave for work right now...

  2. You express the excitement perfectly of wanting to grab all of life we can while the sun still shines! Nicely written!


  3. "Drama, excitement...happy memories..." beautiful!

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. A journey of seasons....of life...love it!

  5. I've been meaning to write this week's prompt since yesterday, but I still have to get that done... your post has inspired me to get a move on! :)

    Arnab Majumdar on SribbleFest.com


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