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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Burns On Both Sides

An eye for an eye  
Will make the whole world  
Go blind (Gandhi)     

Burns on both sides  
Like skid marks to announce rage   
We are going to be heard; allute 

Slow down on emotion, son 
Let strategy catch up with intent   
And see reasons and consequences unfold 

Dust storms in desserts are not the norm  
Like everything else, diminishing returns    
They have their reasons, season to rise   

And quietly they mellow, down and fold  
Smokes always start with sparks, to say   
Something is not right, somewhere down the line  

But the wise do not burn down houses 
To find missing keys, "set back"
To open doors, of welcome home 

Burns on both sides 
Each to the side they stand on, stand for 
Against opposing thoughts, leafy streets

But in battles both sides lose on count   
A step back to see with reason  
Avoiding set back on strategy, blind spots  

It is foolish to walk in the dessert   
While the storm  brews at it's worse   
You must be new around here, wet behind the ears   
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  1. I am not new here and must say you have excelled again as before in your own style without rebelliousness!! Well thought and scripted!!

  2. So many people don't see past their own burns to the ones on the other side. Nice write :)

  3. Nicely crafted!


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