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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Talking Wild Turkey

Talking turkey, bridging the gap   
I  stumbled upon a man in the woods  
"Turkey brother", he talks turkey   

Oh just the right man to ask, what came first  
The turkey or the egg, he talks turkey  
Seriously what came first   

As I sat intense drawn into   
The life of the turkey family   
Humour me, come lets journey on discovery  

I started believing  
What the turkey man was saying, he talks turkey   
Hold on before jumping to judge quick, analyse 

Slave of skeptical-ism  
Eager to dismiss rendition 
For comfort of non-believers, "have faith man" 

It could have just been 
A camera trick, I know
But so well played to punters watch 

He mothered them before hatch, talking turkey    
And they opened another world to him
Like the blind seeing for the first time 

Where turkeys became 
Intelligent and emotional from observation  
With societal interactions and characters 

With other wild life around, they all talked turkey 
It was as if the garden of Eden as biblically stated  
Was never lost, just closed off to humanity 

I felt so humble and empty 
On realization we lived blind, not talking turkey 
To our existence, always chasing tomorrow 
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  1. I saw the tv programme about this advertised but didn't watch it, I may seek it out on the bbc iplayer now after reading this. :-)

    Thanks for linking to I Saw Sunday.

  2. I felt so humble and empty
    On realisation we live blind
    To our existence, chasing tomorrow

    Great reason for living in the now!

  3. chasing tomorrow is a way to move on.
    very touching words.

  4. very deep and remarkable thought on Thanksgiving.
    have a good one.


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