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Monday, 8 August 2011

Empty Beds

Empty beds, hallow grounds,strange bedfellows  
Like a sleep on desert floors, ghost accompany    
Over the canopy of the heavens   

Hot the surface it holds in the day   
To the coldest shiver at night , it brings   
Empty beds, with no hang on, to rest head's stress 

Vanished oasis to break burdens carried   
Like empty castles it echoes singular voice  
Where once kings, sat as masters over domain     

While the silent provide illusion plague    
By the shadows of yester years  
Some say, they see ghost, quietly walking, haunting    

Their presence through corridors left abandoned   
The walls hold stories and voices of the young   
Who once played hide and seek in hall ways  

This kings bed, demands it own 
To be complete by two on its lay, and not strange  
Before it will rest the night with joy  


  1. Beautiful writing. I like how you describe the children playing in the halls. Something we seldom consider when thinking of history of any era.

  2. vivid imagery on those old days of innocence and playfulness.

    Thanks for sharing with poetry potluck.

  3. Wonderful. It feels effortless just as great writing should be.

  4. I think that we rarely think about how they used to sleep throughout history unless it is pointed out to us. I guess that if walls really coud talk then we would hear some most interesting stories. I really do enjoy history stories seen from the participants view where we are told how they felt at the time of which the story is written.

    Thanks for sharing such a cool poem with us for this weeks Theme Thursday "Beds" theme.

    God bess.


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