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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Promised Tomorrow

Some times reality ties ropes   
Like chains to our feet   
And the journey drags on  

Some nightmares do not wait   
For the nightcap and eyes closed    
To reveal night frights   

And we walk in day light  dose of ambitions  
As chosen battle grounds     
Appear surreal in encounters 

Like sleep walking  
See "pierced" in vivid pictures 
With 3D screened experience 

Awake with such struggles   
Forward fight, with the notion we hold to  
Tomorrow has to be as promised   

We sacrificed today and yesterday   
To build roads to flourish
We bought seeds in belief 

We placed all in the one basket    
And sailed to sea, expecting to find land    
Tomorrow has to be as promised    


  1. This is truly an excellent wisdom poem you
    have written.

  2. That can be true but we pick ourselves up make new dreams and move on,

  3. Yes, always, onwards. And tomorrow brings new things, new challenges and new dreams to seek to realise.


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