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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Through The Trenches; Don't bullshit me

I am pulled, stretched  
I am strained, I am stressed 
Half the time I am drained 

But you do not want to know that 
Do you, on courtesy call  
Just formalities, formalities  

For that is the normality 
In this day and age 
Formalities, just for the norm   

A friend once said, "please don't ask 
How I am, like "how are you doing"
Just to open rotten cans' smell

I am better off not reflecting to know 
To walk numb with thicker skin  
To destinations, than to open up  

And bleed dry, on side walks  
Half way through my journey
Wasting my economized energy

I am happily making my way 
Through the trenches, dirt accompany  
Don't bullshit me, with pleasantries  
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1 comment:

  1. So true, no one wants to hear it. Just want you to say you're fine and move along...great piece.


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