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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London's Burning

From Croydon to Clapham  
Lewisham, to Peckham    
Bristol, Liverpool to Birmingham  
Slow down your rage 

Oh where art thou Mr Boris 
Mr Cameron, Mr Clegg "pretender" 
Mr Politician     

A stone in puddles   
Someone light a match   
And now London is burning   

The politicians sat on holiday benches   
Talking tough, they're talking tough  
And now London is burning  

Lets not take things for granted   
A man died a life was lost, clouded in mystery   
And now London is burning  

Engulfed in flames, anarchist and looters  
Frustrated youths like wild animals, let loose  on riot    
With old sanctuaries, of youth centres, closed on austerity   

And now London is burning   
Crisis stands as the seat in town, spreading havoc, to beyond    
New chic in town, jobless youth with no prosperity    

And now the markets are burning   
Bulls into bears in market stands, countries on default    
Paper stock losing value overnight, sell, sell, sell   

Oh ready steady panic, hardship engulf    
And now London is burning   
And now London is burning   
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  1. some food for thought.
    but I'm wondering if NATO and their Sarkozy won't start arming the youth against Cameron and his people or is it the case that the animal farm is just a reality after all?

  2. I think you'll find the one who died originally was already known to be one of the drug/gun culture... Not quite the hard-done-by-innocent some might claim...
    Not that it makes his death any better...

  3. T terrible week, a terrible indictment on 21st century society. It's good that you wrote this.

  4. I really like this one Kodjo!

    That repeat of 'now london is burning' is very strong. A powerful pice and I think one of my favourites of yours.

    Thanks for linking to I Saw Sunday.

  5. The sadness of it all is the way so many people were pulled into the excitement of the moment. Crowd dynamics are powerful and there will be many now rueing their lack of resistance and loss of common sense.


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