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Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Starkey Syndrome

Rotten tooth, sugar rush, false melons standing 
The dangerous mind of an educated prof
Lured in, as people sit and listen, to be brainwashed  

Mayhem is one step away from cause of curse    
In a glass house of illusion, fish tank bubble babbling burst 
Anarchy's day in court and when situations hit the fan, well 

Many men talk on baseless opinion, blaspheming   
Silly you, silly them, silly I, with nodding heads 
Who done it, I heard it; allowed to stand on stages    

Did I hear right, replay, on commentary, no apologies  
Riding on waves of misinformation, buying in   
He is talking turkey, and now turkey feels insulted

Names with labels, as him, as her  
Said to be educated, with added letters of  CBE, FSA Phd 
To his name, graduated on fairy dust  

Like a false prophet, with more wealth seeking more  
Legitimising bullshit on air time disguised commercial venture 
Educated on expired intellectual overdose of dossier 

Took the pill of nonsensical  
And went crazy in straight suits to present 
Barmy, chit chatting loony on air time  

What's that, were you never told of the norm 
In this day and age, delirious qualifies as affirmation  
Now I feel insulted, bottling rage to explode in replies 

Its go wash your mouth time, as take back, time out  
To have opened his eyes to the sight of reality 
Last pill, what is he going on about

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