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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Tourist Shop

Things we pick up along the way  
In life we journey to and fro 
Destination to destination, to and fro

Picking memorabilia from spot to spot  
In tangible and intangible souvenir  gifts 
In forms they come, from corner to corner  

Be it experience and lessons learnt    
Or affection from knowing you, knowing me  
It is the treasures bolted in memory box   

Some get statues, some buy T-shirts 
Some get ripped off hoping to pick a bargain  
Leaches picking on the holiday gullible 

But always be assured , in shapes and sizes  
Journeys leaves an impact 
Before moving on, in chapters written 

Some are codes to decipher, in life's scribbles  
Some are stories on repeat told 
Some to be hidden banished from day light  

These are things we pick along the way  
From the ages we journey along the way  
To this day and expecting more 

A quick stop by the gift shop, quick now  
Hoping to pick a good bargain
Before curtains close 

And its time 
To say good bye
Good bye 
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  1. I think the best memorabilia are the memories and the photographs! One can never have too many of those.

  2. Yes, every journey leaves memories, some we pick, and some we don't, some you can't buy in the shop. Nice.

  3. Nice how such things bring a flood of memories, great piece!

  4. the things we pick up along the way become totems to remembering the journey...nice verse today...

  5. I recognize that picture you posted. Souvenirs are fun but its the people and culture that I remember the most.

    Thanks for sharing this ~

  6. This piece speaks to the obvious, but also to the hidden. Not all things we return with from our travels are bought at market and gift shop. Like Mary mentions, it is the memories, the photographs. Mind you, you should see my collection of plastic snow globes! :) Thanks for helping me to remember some of my own holidays and Happy OpenLinkNight!

  7. What a lovely read! I am touched by this section:

    "Some are codes to decipher, in life's scribbles
    Some are stories on repeat told
    Some to be hidden banished from day light"

    So well put!

  8. The flotsam and jetsam of our lives..those memories of acquisition and attachment never mean the same thing or sometimes anything at all to others. Well written. Thank you.

  9. It is so true that we are changed by every interaction we have along life's journey. Sometimes we don't even realize what we've picked up until much later. Nice write :)

  10. Nice flow and pace, a real walk to read. The word play and refrains subtle and embedded we spot on. Lovely write ~ Rose

  11. There was something really songlike and beautiful about this one, Kodjo.. and it was all too real as well! Vacations and travels have a charm about them... and somehow, it's not quite easy to forget a trip made.. no matter how many trips you've made!

    A lovely piece, my friend..

  12. Beautiful. I especially love "journeys leave an impact". Yes, indeed they do - and it is ALL a journey. Good one, Kodjo!

  13. Tourists! Great depictions!
    -Erick Flores


  14. Great take on the prompt~ Yes,the souvenirs of life do leave their charm and some scars, but we still need to keep looking for treasure! Well Done~


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