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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Men Of The World

So it came to be   
That we were drenched, born on the 8th day of the week   
Between the 7th and the 1st    

Stood in door ways of no man's land   
Between borders, with no country to call our own   
So it came to be   

So it came to be  
That we shared seats, side by side with the Dalai lama  
We travelled like gypsies, immune to pigeon holes  

With the freedom to roam  so it came to be 
Given keys to cities across the world   
But no place to call our own  

And a thousand souls  radiated, so it came to be 
Came out to stand, in the sun, they made a stand  
But none were found when it began to rain 

And on lonely roads, we walked alone 
Across the seas, on foreign lands 
So it came to be  

So it came to be, this roads are to be like dots on landscape  
Our path in this world, as men of the world  
So few will remember, so it came to be  

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  1. Yeah, this speaks to me, I particularly 'feel' the insignificance of man in your dot on the landscape reference.

  2. Lovely. This speaks to me of what people should strive for peace and tranquility.

  3. Fascinating, captivating, even magical.


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