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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Page Turner

It is quicker to cut a tree trunk  
Than to trim its edges
Faster to fall off branches 
Than to climb up trees 

Papers, pages, scribble  
And every body has a story to tell 
So many verses in chapters 
Cliff hangers, book-markers, marks pages reached

To tell the truth, honest truth  
I do not know any one   
In person, one in person
W' reads the summary of books before diving in

Why spoil the richness of discovery read
Readers digest, the oracle is a spoiler 
Kill joy, do not spoil the story for me and mine
Skip not a page, this is a page turner 

I want to read in full context
Jump off my seat, in sections held
Laugh out loud in others reached 
Cry to be human on emotions 

Always some baddie  
To have to deal with  
Like obstacles along the way  
To have to deal with

Life is like a book worm  
I will pass it on and tell the story   
After I finish with read   
Like a thriller to excite  
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