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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Jibba Jabba

Get it, get it up, up 
and we, and we flow like 
Set it, set it up 
and we go like 
Hit it, hit it, up up
and we go like 

Tic tac, 
tic tac, tic tac 
ta ta ta ta ta ta

Hide and seek. pilolo,  pilolo, 
is a fools game, fools game
Follow that, contrast  
With all work and no play is a 
fools games  

Its like two sides of a coin 
Its a fools world,  
So we  read between the line   

Like word play,  word play to the wise 
To the know, like code break 
Chess  play, phonetic alphabets, its Morse code 

 And  we sit to define redefine  
Re-align  and the  wise know  
Parable to be solved, like missing parts    

Set it, set it up, up
and we and we flow like
Get it, get it up, up
and we, and we go like 
Hit it , hit it up, up 
and we, and we go like 

Tic tac, tic tac
tic tac, ta ta ta ta ta ta

And the first step, lay rack, lay stack  
On the questions, origins conundrums     
To know what to expect, to define  

Like decoding verses, revival  
See we move masses, transformation   
And they follow like disciples, converted    

Its value and we adding  
Its life line resuscitating, re- rejuvenating actualisation   
And the wise know, time out, time is ...  

A word to the wise is enough   
Enough said right, 
To see reasons   
Forward thinking, 

And it goes like 
set it set it up 
and we, and we go like 
get it get it up 
and we and we flow like 
Hit it hit it up
and we, and we go like

tic tac, tic tac 
tic tac, tic tac, 
tic tac, ta ta ta ta ta ta ta !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     

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  1. Rhythm and meaning are great!



  2. love the tic tac sound,

    awesome entry.

  3. Really felt like moving reading this - I imagines a song and music. Excellent. Shah. X


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