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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Wallet Of Religion

My wallet holds my religion 
Like a Christian with crucifix  
With chain hanging on necks for symbols

Holding on for comfort stay 
A tap for assurance it is still there  
A kiss to appreciate its value of content     

Pictures hang on its walls 
My love, my addiction  
In pockets of hall way, filled with hall of fame 

Sat on altars, side by side 
Hallelujah to names 
Of my worship, my love my heart 

I make way for the cards 
Like congregations gather 
Each one, linked to my resource 

To the holy grail of  deliverance 
It makes my bills of demons go away  
It buys me access to my piece of mind 

My wallet sits in my back pocket 
Like crucifix on neck chains to a Christian  
It brings me comfort in  my days 
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  1. when i was in rome i was watching two things very carefully..my wallet and my iPhone coz they are my connection to the world in a way...yes..interesting thoughts for sure kodjo

  2. smiles...nice to see you at dverse...i know many who worship their wallet...or the money in it...i will say it is nice to have something in it...that does bring comfort...

  3. Yes my wallet does much of the same, but I'd gladly toss it out and just carry a wad of money, if only..hahaha

  4. Yes...when empty I don't feel so chained! Guess it's similar to my faith that way as well ;) Like the comparison...and I so hate chains! Wonderful write

  5. There seems to be an underlying bit of irony here--in comparing money to god, and a wallet to a religious relic, but perhaps that's just my jaundiced view. I love the comparisons you make, all very apt and sharp, between the workings of religion, and the wallet's role.

  6. Anyone who links to L.Cohen is a poetic genius in my mind!

    Wonderful write, very deep thoughts brought to life in an original way.

  7. Aaahh.. the religion that has always existed, and will persist too!
    I liked the honesty in this one, Kodjo.. and the analogy too!
    Very rarely do we admit how "religious" we are.. :)

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