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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Worded Definition

What is words, acts and actions  
What is  seen in emotions, feeling 
What is seen of tags on graffiti walls    

What is said, sang, and heard  
What is it, that stays on one's mind  
In thoughts and wants and desire too   

What is it, that makes you human   
To want to see tomorrow, daylight tomorrow   
What will you miss, in hold of treasure 

Who will know you are gone and no more  
What is life in meaning in standing 
What will your summary be  in thoughts 

What is your worth , in meaning
To another in love or hate   
In being you, just being you  

No pretence on acts and answers  
Sat in confession booth  
With amnesty's pardon 

Who holds the door, and stands so firm  
With faith in you, to wait for you  
Long enough for passage  pass 

What is the value of your words   
Deeds and actions, in situ   
Who are you to be, being defined  
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  1. you touch the big topic "worth of self" here in a very off-beat way...i like

  2. Questions that makes one pause, a good way to relook over what one has been doing or currently doing. Thanks for sharing this in your poem.

  3. interesting. when i first started reading the "what is" litany" i was thinking sentience. then you had the pic of the Orangutan and the dog, and that is the quintessential answer to who is sentient.

  4. Beautiful... Love the picture too.


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