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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Like Mad Men

Officially I have taken a back seat right 
It's still hard times right 
 It's austerity and the banks rates still high like mad, right     

And countries hold default bundles like party gift wraps   
Like bad companies all in the red  
Like the rest of us, all in the red  

 But every one knows  
I am still the mad man, right?
With the antics to please, the conspiracy theory right 

To make your belly laugh loud on prompt    
On tragedy humour expressed, humorously laughing  
It's like visiting a comedy club, don't sit at the front  

And when I am down on thoughts, like writers block
I make concussion with words, and find left overs   
Dinners too, people says the best on the block, right?! 

You know people talk, people they talk
And my name is not far from words in line   
Like alphabets recitals, I am a renegade and so are you      

Forget about the politicians
At the best of time they are self centred  
At the rest of time, they try to deceive us  

Sewn in between the two with ego threads  
Mad men, with bad habits
"My people they say in phrases", whose people?

I say, mate,  just forget the politicians 
They know not what the common man 
Calls troubles to be dealt with   

With educated majority 
Still on stand by, to catch the train of ambitions 
From jobs promised, I say forget about the politicians 

And I told you, like I told you so
I make concussions, sweet with humour   
There you have it, the best to be had 

Wash your own plates after, mate 
Do you see any servants around here?
I think not , "mad men
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