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Monday, 19 December 2011

Festive promises

The winds blow, gently with breeze  
The sky stays, blue with chill stare   
If we are lucky, and luck have it be 
It would be, as white as snow this Christmas  

All the trees give way, to the one   
For the festive pine, with Christmas lights  
Props and decorations, with twinkle stars 
All t' trees give way to t' pine, for t' pine to have its day  

Scotch pine, Douglas fir  
Fraser fir, Virginia pine, Balsam fir   
And not the least, the last  
At all the least, white pine, polished as furniture    

Seasons greeting, turkeys hunt   
Cakes, biscuits, Christmas pudden   
Bottles of wine, to push harvest down the belly  
A feast to celebrate, seasons for another passing year  

Mistletoe, with excuses for kisses  
Christmas poppers, paper huts 
Old dusty board games, X box and Wii players
All out to be played with, no age restrictions here given 

A quick nap for grandpa  
All that wine just went waterfalls
Upside down straight through his head 
And fun and games and teasing old stories told  

This time next year, with so much joy 
Hope we all make it here again, all in one piece 
With many more a story to tell, to tell
To tell, to tell; all in one piece, this time next year 

Hope this time next year,  you spare the turkey 
Hope this time next year,  you plant another tree  
Hope this time next year,  you give to the poor 
Hope this time next year, hopes of all hopes 

Who was it, that made resolutions  
Before the year changed it's name to new
I have been tasked to hold you to account 
To make sure you pledge, on promises made

To make sure, dear 
You keep to your promise
For promises made in festive seasons 
Are the most, that need fulfilling 

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  1. a great message that encapsulates all the finer points of the holiday season.

  2. nice..yes lets give what we can and touch other lives through out the season...we adopted a single mom and her kids...

  3. Very festive, and a delicious looking spread in the photo as well.

  4. really enjoyed this:) it made me hungry and ready for Christmas:)

  5. lovely message,
    giving is receiving.
    loving is giving.

    Happy Rally.


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