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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Close to dreams

A step close to the ocean sea, fairy-tales lay 
Where I am to be made, held to crown  
The fisher of my dreams 

I have travelled far, to get to this shore 
I have walked through the forest 
Battled beast and many more  

I have escaped the trenches 
Dug by my foe, wishing my fall 
I have prayed for fresh water 

To quench my taste 
I have sweated, buckets  full 
And sucked my shirt, so I walk without  

Finally, I saw the shore line 
And blessed, there in sight, stood a boat waiting 
This would be my fortune change 

I am to be made the fisher of my dreams 
Little did I, think to look this late  
Why put quicksand my way, this late, this close  

Why, so close to fairy-tales 
But know this, foe of sand, before the tide I will sail 
Before the night falls, I will cast my net 
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  1. Excellent ekphrasis!

  2. I hope he can. It all looks pretty much a done deal for him as he can't use his arms or legs though :)

  3. Fisher of my dreams- I like that and the determination of the speaker is strong. Lovely read

  4. who is putting quicksand in your way? nice metaphor.

  5. Excellent ekphrasis indeed!

    Anna :o]


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