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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Philosophy of logic

If only it was possible to bring, them back 
It would all just be, a lot easier for questions 
For questions, to have answers and less of  
Perceptions and assumed notions of what was meant  

I have got a tall order and for so many 
With so many to answer for 
A tall order, I tell you 
A very tall order indeed  

I have witnessed doubters, where followers hold faith
I have seen alliances formed on pledges 
To die for a school of thought 
From opposing ends 

I hear others claim knowledge and profess 
As masters in expert, of sought 
Foremost in supposed fields, used to describe 
Depict personas, who lay claim as being in the know 

What do you know, truly what do you know
Were you t', at the EVENT, present during doctrine a' acts
To lay mastering of what was meant in deeds
And said in words to affirm and associate, I ask

Can you be called as witness in court
Called upon and swear to tell the truth
The whole truth, nothing but the truth
Truly, truthfully without sway

If only it was possible and time machines
Had long being invented
To answer once and for all, and in frequent
To make come backs, to reaffirm

For the grape vine, can not be left
As a caretaker, for too long 
Even with the simplest of answers, without distort
Without, finding ways to bend notions

In the house of the courts, reasonable doubt is raised
And thus, all that is known can not be asserted
Said as fact, of a way, a school of thought or another
To prove one’s concept, right or wrong

This is my philosophy of logic
Did Shakespeare, write all he is accredited with?
Did Jesus walk on water and feed so many
Did, etc, etc, etc, on reasonable doubt

This is my philosophy of logic
Taking it all in, with a pinch of salt
Mind you, I am not discrediting notions
I am merely just conceptualising, adding my own take
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  1. nice kodjo...i particularly like the part on bearing witness...and to the truth...nice flow through out

  2. For the grape vine cannot be left as a caretaker

    At least, not a reliable one!♥

  3. your words take us to many places.
    interesting and thoughtful piece.

  4. That's so beautifully put :-)

  5. Don't tell Gilles Deleuze!

  6. I think that it is all about "faith" and just believing that which we cannot prove is truly the truth. Can we even prove today that Shakespeare even wrote one word in his stories, or did a female write the stories and he took credit because in those days women were not allowed to write?

    When history is written by one writer and no others, do we know that the real truth is being told or is the story just the truth as seen through the writer's eyes. And history seen through the victorious is never the same as what is seen through the defeated.

    The Good Book is written by many authors but the story is the same, so the question is still the same. Do you have the "faith" to believe it is true?

    I read something once along the lines, that it is better to believe it is true and die finding out it is false, then to live not believing and to die finding out it is the truth.

    While we are alive we will probably never know the absolute truth but we can have a faith and hope in which we choose to live by. I think hope is something we all need to have, it is what makes us want to survive and live another day.

    This was a very thought provoking poem and shows how we have such a hunger for the truth. I hope you find what you need to know.

    Thanks for joining in this weeks Theme Thursday, it was an event filled poem.

    God bless.


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