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Monday, 5 December 2011

Oh Dear Penny

Dear penny dear, with natural tan, you beauty 
I heard you just got into town, you bronze beauty 
Penny dear, penny dear, my love

You know there is a saying
As always there is, "a saying"
Which says, as sayings go "there is a saying"

There is a saying
Which goes, look after the penny
For the pound will look after it self

A trickle of water from taps running
Could fill a bath tub, if left long enough
Long enough, it could become an ocean

And in the same light
A piggy bank could buy you a house
If you load up, a few, a few more with t' pennies

I know not what becomes of my change
After breaking down the bundle
And thus another bundle I take out 

To vanish again in pennies, oh dear penny
Like an erosion on shores if unchecked 
I promise to keep an eye on you, my dear penny 

If you find a penny pick it up , like love at first sight
The pounds do look after themselves
It is the penny that needs watching 

Like tender love 
For a budding rose 
My dear penny, penny dear 

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