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Friday, 23 December 2011

I am an oddball

Stupidity begrudges wisdom 
When what is said is abnormal  
And cannot be related to  
In the conventional sense "sage, says"

Normality can then be argued  
As does so often given in evidence 
To be the bedrock of wisdom 
As was wise not to have tried any different " you chicken" 

Walking on water on a surfboard  
Wise to say the earth was flat 
To save one's skin, stupidity of Galileo 
#Galileo, Galileo, got himself hanged 

But every now and then in new lights 
The scale of uniformity goes the opposite direction  
To start a new dimension of paradigm 
Like new seasons and green is the new black 

Which can only be instigated 
Under the auspices of abnormality 
A concept needing a dialogue  
An out of the box thinking "barmy" 

Most geniuses are then often classified 
Easily as being abnormal, in right of way 
Both in the sense of their ability to change 
The normal convention of the status quo 

And their peculiar characteristics odd 
That which helps to define their uniqueness 
And excuses their ability to be different 
In being eccentric in ways like Bobby Fischer  

So try this for size in funny woven jumpers 
A horrible Christmas presents forced to be worn  
After feasting on the Christmas turkey 
With sudoku for calorie  brain burn and t' Queen's speech 

If energy can never be destroyed 
Then it goes to show, that before, the before 
That before the big bang,  that was, there was energy
Before the beginning, energy did exist as the Alfa  

If energy can explode yet still 
Never be destroyed, but rather 
Take on matter to be mass in atomic energy
Stupidity begrudge wisdom, "bare with me"

Come on, stay with me on this, energy is God
Do you get, where I am going with this? 
Get with the program, who cares its Christmas 
And I am an oddball 

Follow the chain of thought 
Until the Christmas turkey digest 
And gym membership 
Comes back into fashion again 

#Galileo, Galileo, got himself hanged 
And science and religion finding their missing link
Has just been explained.

I am an odd ball 

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  1. This is a fun post, Kodjo! I enjoyed it.

  2. cool and playful.

    Happy Holidays.

  3. this stanza is my favorite ->

    So try this for size in funny woven jumpers
    A horrible Christmas presents forced to be worn
    After feasting on the Christmas turkey
    With sudoku for calorie brain burn and t' Queen's speech

    4 senryu about pages

  4. Amazing! You may be an oddball, but you are a damn talented one!
    I surfed over from your link on the Poets United Think Tank Thursday.

  5. We're all our own brand of odd me thinks!! Great offering!

  6. Fun to read and so portrays the idea of being odd, but unique!
    We all are unique ;D Well Done


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