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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

What is time

The clock of life is wind but once 
Sometimes my mind ventures  
On windows of yesterday's passage 
Like an amateur astronomer   

And in that moment I wonder 
Oh, how so beautiful the heavens lie  
At this very moment, at this very moment  

At this very moment, to watch the sun set in glow  
On the lake that surround my nature  
And I know I am alive and blessed for being so  

You can’t tell me otherwise, to hold grounds  
You can’t tell me otherwise, to do so is blasphemy    

But what time is set, I do not know  
What date it is, I can not tell  
But for the date set on my camera  
To capture my now with 
As evidence of my being here 

Ask the church, the Mayans, Islam
The Egyptians ask science
And all the others who pretend to know
Leave me out of confusion

Einstein says, see time as a passage 
A place to visit and leave, a fabric 
Leading heading towards another
On roads to journey on

And though I stand 
I am in motion, travelling at speed
Like a man sat in a plane, or thus a car
I am in motion, denied the sensation of passage

To have only but time, to tell of movements
To see t’ sun rise and set, always going somewhere
With time, as the earth spins around its axis
And the stars get further away from me

It took eight minutes for the sun to reach me, I'm told 
And a billion years more for the furthest star
To announce in light years, the beauty I see
Like watching a replay of a live event for the first time

What is time and the now, it begs the question
If the sun is minutes ago, but I see it now
What is time of the present, past and future?
Don’t ask me what the time it is, at this very moment 
At this very moment, I am stood watching
The glow of the sun, on the river to admire  
Its beauty of my now. I am stood
In a time of yesterday, today and the future 

“I have realized that the past and future are real illusions, that they exist in the present, which is what there is and all there is.” —Alan Watts

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  1. what a lovely conclusion, very well penned philosophy.

  2. This was a great poem, it gave me very much to think about and to feel a tranquility in the present.
    Great work.

  3. The visualization, the simile are unique. Very interesting work.

  4. dynamic imagery, well penned.


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