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Monday, 26 December 2011

An Obsession (1 of 3)

I have an obsession with the night 
It draws me in, like a feed 
Every night with transformation  

Oh, what mystery the nights holds 
From the earth to the heavens and beyond 
Darkness surrounds the blueness of  sky 

It leaves my defined ideation clouded in lost 
It says it all and says nothing at all  
Infecting my  mind to wonder madly 

Between  the safeness of dreams 
And nightmares haunt, that follows 
Surrealism conjures images and thoughts 

Insomnia would not excuse, as escape  
Invasion of thoughts that ponders wildly 
Orging with pleasure and of guilt and scare 

Drawn into hallucination with opened eyes wide 
Blearing borders of reality and dreams
Compelling with tacit, holding grounds at night 

I have an obsession with the night 
It wakes my primal being 
To tickle my senses 

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