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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Writing w' a free mind

What I would give to fly without wings 
Pack without recourse, just my need 
And set off on roads 

Even if I fall on my face 
I am still moving forward 
Close to see what the earth is to hold  

Chasing the seasons 
Like the migrating birds 
With no ties to the land 

A nomad owning all, by being free 
To flock where my heart delight 
And land just as lift off, with nothing but a flick 

Crossing borders of man made 
Without the hint of checks and measures 
Hold on, take your shoes off, as well on suspicion 

To truly live, escaping the chains of taxation 
Debt and the 9 to 5 commitments  
That only serves to feed the cycle of citation 

Of the same Alcatraz 
Only hoping for retirement at grey age 
To be a freeman to enjoy handouts as spoils  

 At such young age, a stretch too far 
Of incarceration to build 25 to life 
Locked in a cage of mortgage imprisonment 

As  false prosperity 
Owns my breath, directed to stress 
To be owned by the system 

What I would give to fly without wings 
Pack without recourse, on looking back 
Just my need and set off on roads

Chasing the seasons 
Like the migrating birds 
Writing poetry with a free mind 
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  1. That would indeed be wonderful. You've written this very well, expressing the desire to be truly free of the bonds man has created. Nicely done!

  2. i think we can all relate to that... we are all tied to something while on this earth and breathing... but as spoken above you expressed so well those internal feelings of futility and turmoil .. longing for a better life...

  3. fundamental theme,

    reflective entry.

  4. I get a lot of insight from this, it brings to mind the sweetness of freedom from the man-made bonds of life.The spirit of Man is made to be Free,but in being free to freely choose the path of Truth, Purity, Love and other good and worthy virtues.

  5. Flow n rythme set the piece :)

  6. This piece feels so freeing! I love the line "And land just as lift off, with nothing but a flick." Thanks for sharing this one for the rally.

  7. This piece really ebbed and flowed with me. The beginning so exultant and free, soaring... Then grounding me again and leaving me feeling slightly sad, actually. Lovely piece though!

  8. wow- rhythmic with beautiful imagery

  9. this piece is inspiring - if I were younger and didn't have kids I'd probably take a road trip right now! Thanks for sharing!


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